It is a common observation that most of the people believe that the yardstick to test our competence belongs to parents, peers, or teachers. We are unable to test our learning progress like, to what extent we have studied? What is our progress ratio? Are we able to comprehend the concepts of things we study? It seems that employers are not satisfied with the performance of present graduates as they regard them as less skillful and students appear to be like they have learnt no skills at their universities. This negative impression may be due to the fact that they have never been appreciated to evaluate themselves on progress scales. All they have learnt at universities, is mere cramming.

Doesn’t our versatile and unique study habits and backgrounds, encourage us to measure our competence level? Aren’t we capable enough to identify our progress and flaws and area for improvement? Learning will become fluid process when we shalpacityl learn to evaluate ourselves. We would be able to measure our flaws and reasons behind why it takes time to achieve one goal as compared to other. Moreover, external feedback is also essential as it not only helps to motivate but also boosts our brain working capacity

Why self-evaluation is beneficial for our brains? When we tend to learn something new, we associate it with the already present knowledge in our brain, thus, comforting process of learning new things.

Do old ways of teaching bore current students? If so, then there is no need to worry if student learn to evaluate himself because self-evaluation tends to bring out enormous improvement in students. Due to this reason, evaluation is regarded as a vital tool in learning process. It facilitates learning by bring about sense of organization and recalling what has been learnt so far.

Benefits of self-assessment:

1. Organization

Provide yourself with a chance to organize all the information that you require. This leads to a strong bond between better learning and clear concepts.

  1. Guidance

Once you become capable to identify your progress in learning process and area for improvement, you will better understand how to develop a guideline for improving the deficient areas.

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