Being a student there are a lot of challenges that occur in this struggle. Studying in a campus or online learning, both demand hard work. Dealing and ruling every challenge is a tough job for a student. In my job as a student, time management and coordination with other class fellows is the most common challenge to rule over. Many people assume that online education is way too easy as compared to studying in a campus but the reality is totally opposite to it. Online education mostly is problematic for many students.


Firstly, many students who start following up the online education also have to deal with many other responsibilities. They add another additional responsibility to their busy routine.

Secondly, for an online education learning the students should have an idea about the use of laptop and other apps which will help them further in connecting to their class fellows. Now, the online class helps the students to face this difficulty by arranging tutorials for such students so that they may come across such a problem.

Thirdly, the students are expected to do things which might be new to them or maybe they have not done in a long time.

All of these are root causes but being a student requires more than just attending and listening to the lectures. You have to be active in doing research work, reading, posting, discussions etc. And being an online learner doing this entire struggle requires a lot of hard work. Take my online class and I will help you by giving some strategic tools which will be effective in studying online.


Following S’s – space, same time, same place and supplies will be helpful to you.



An ideal student always set some goals for gaining the success.  One of the best tools for achieving your set goal is the setting a free space for yourself. An area which will allow you to perform your best and will help in studying well. You can look up for a space in which you will feel comfortable, a place where you want to sit and can give your proper concentration to the studies. You can choose that space for taking an online class there. The online class help students in this regard. Or else, you don’t have a freedom to choose that space in a class on a campus. Take my online class and enjoy this freedom. You should not get distracted from studies after being sitting in that area for a long stretch of time.



Another basic tool which will help you in managing your studies is gathering all of your basics earlier. The pens, pencils, highlighters, textbooks, notebooks, rough register, dictionary, planner, calendar, whiteouts, thumbs dives and what else you think you need while studying.  Before being online to take my online class, you should have all of these accessories near you. So that your time wastage should be less and you pay all of your attention towards the lectures. An online class helps the students in this respect as well. Studying online is not a tough job if you know how to deal with the situations.


Same time:

Many online students perform their best when there is an already present schedule for them. Take my online class and get the structured schedule on the very first day of the session. You may go through the weekly schedule or a monthly one. It’s your choice to pick the schedule which suits you best. You will perform better when you will follow the timings properly.


Same place:

Even though you are not taking the class physically but you are still taking a class by staying at home or at any other place. Choosing the most comfortable place for taking the lecture will help you more retaining the lecture. You can pay more attention to the lectures. Take my online class for further good guidance in this regard. An online class helps every student in dealing such problems with a proper solution to it.