It’s always positive to spend eight to ten hours of studying for the most accurate and the best results. There are other parameters as well which may help you further in achieving good grades. Students only focus on their study hours while preparing themselves. They only make sure to count the maximum number of hours they spend on studying. They should look for other tools as well.

SLEEP – the most delicious way to improve your studies. When a student makes a timetable of studying and mentions eight to ten hours for studies only, then why not it should mention eight hours of sleep? Why sleep always get a lower rank to be focused on. The most relaxing and the positive way to improve your studies are by planning to get the sleep of almost eight hours in a day. You will enjoy your study hours by having a proper sleep and wake cycle. The student who takes my online class is always welcome to ask me to change their class schedule and timings if they feel tired or if they are not mentally awake to concentrate towards the lecture.

The answers to the WHY’S of the people are elaborated further.


Sleep enhances the learning pattern and memory:

Memory and sleep are connected to each other and this connection is still being studied. During the different stages of sleep, different kinds of information get encoded. In an online learning process, the students are less stressful. They don’t have to sacrifice their sleep to studies. In a campus, students have to be on time to the lectures in the morning. Sometimes they have to stay in the campus till the evening for the evening classes. This routine makes them tired and they are able to concentrate on the subject properly.

More researchers after the focused research have found that some areas of the brain work more active during different stages of sleep, regardless of any learning procedures or languages or other types of learning.


You may suffer the following things when you sacrifice your sleep:


  1. Concentration:

You would not be able to concentrate in the class. Due to the deprived sleep, you will lose your concentration towards the lectures. An online class helps the students to stay active in the class. You are not supposed to waste your time by taking a break. You are requested to take the one class in a day at a specified time and then you will be free to the next of the day. You can make use of eight to ten hours for your sleep.


  1. Performance:

When you are not able to pay attention in the class then it’s obvious that your overall performance will also get affected. After a sound sleep, your mind will be fresh and will help you in absorbing the lectures best, which will make you perform well in the class.


  1. Mood gets worse:

Sleep problems are directly linked to the depression and anxiety. Less sleep will ultimately develop the symptoms of depression in you. Your studies will get affected. Take my online class and you will feel better. I make sure that my students should not get overburden because of the studies.


  1. Stress increases:

Students should study by being relaxed and happy. Depression and stress will not let the students score well on the exams. The online class helps the students a lot by giving them the authority to choose the class timing. Students who take my online class always feel happy and tension free.  Because my first priority is always this that students should not be bound to studies. They should learn and perform well according to their own stamina.


  1. Health gets affected:

The chronic health issues may arise due to the frequent lack of sleep. The students may get to face the conditions like hypertension, diabetes, heart attack, depression, anxiety, obesity, and stroke etc. Sleep is very important for the students to perform well and also for the health and safety related reasons.