Getting online class help is not a new concept anymore. It saves student’s time and eliminates physical boundaries of a classroom or an institute. However, lack of learning is a major issue which many people raise when it comes to online learning as they consider it less efficient way of learning. The actual reality contradicts this perception. Whether you’re sitting in a classroom or taking an online class help, always follow stages of learning to garner maximum benefit from it. Live Academia Experts provides complete learning guidance to its students so their time and energy can be utilized in the right direction.

Four Stages of Learning in Online Class Help

Four stages of learning help an individual to get proper knowledge in a specific time frame and attain mastery skills in it. The four stages are as follows:

  1. Unconscious Incompetence

It’s the first stage of learning where a person tries to learn a new thing. Once you logged in to your online class, check the topic and ask yourself what you already know about it. There are fair chances that you are absolutely unaware of the existence of the topic and have no previous knowledge. Stage one makes the student understand the importance and benefits of the topic and moves him/her into the second stage that is “conscious Incompetence”.

  1. Conscious Incompetence

In this stage, everything seems difficult to learn, but it’s also known as the stage of encouragement. The student knows about the skill or the topic, but is not very good at it. During the online class help, never lose your focus and utilize your senses efficiently. Listen and watch every word of the tutor and incite the urge for improvement. In this step, one should establish a measurable level of ability to achieve a goal and there must be some points to discuss and progress to show. Cross questioning and elimination of distracting factors are the keys to successfully accomplishing this stage.

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  1. Conscious Competence

The third stage of learning enables a student to perform a task without the assistance of someone else and increases the confidence level with ability. Attention and concentration are necessary factors to attain maximum skills when you are taking online class help. Repeat the lecture and practice it on your own. Don’t hesitate to ask a question from your tutor as it will eliminate confusions and will strengthen your grip on the topic.

  1. Unconscious Competence

It’s the last stage of learning where the student thoroughly learns a skill and practice makes it a part of the brain’s knowledge. The brain doesn’t require any outer assistance and can perform it without making immense efforts. No need for concentration is required while the confidence level goes at the peak. The skills become a part of your habits and you can do it even when your mind is on other things.

Live Academia Experts offers 24/7 online class help service to its students and gives them a liberty to discuss learning issues with experts if they find any.