A research proposal assists students in conducting their research and demands hard work, concentration, and dedication. It’s like a building block of the academic career and benefits during the professional life too. Research isn’t a one-day task, but an effort that requires the hard work of several months. Live Academic Experts encourage students to get help from Do My Online Class facility as it can provide help regarding research papers and impressive writing style. Here are some tips presented by the experienced tutors of Live Academic Experts.

  1. Understand the Purpose of Research Proposal

A research paper is actually a detailed blueprint of the research paper you are going to conduct for a thesis or a report. Our Do My Online Class experts advise to write 1000-3000 words long research proposal and make logical and relevant arguments regarding your research. Start your research proposal with complete research and never understand its actual purpose so you can perfectly conclude the end results.

  1. Follow Standard Pattern

There are no hard and fast rules devised for the structure of a proposal, but following a specific pattern is suggested by Do My Online Class experts of Live Academic Expert.

Title: Title is the most important part of the research proposal that an examiner checks.

  • It should be self-explanatory and represent the main idea.
  • Don’t use unnecessary words to make title long as a good title is neither too long and nor too short.
  • Use attention-grabbing words to show creativity.

           Abstract: A well-written abstract helps you to impress the examiner. Usually, the summary of the overall research paper requires 200-300 words.

  • Use formal writing style and be brief.
  • State main objectives and goals.
  • Avoid adding unnecessary detail.

Introduction: An introduction is a part that provides direction to the reader and makes him understand the context of your research. In Do My Online Class, tutors suggest that it must provide the basic information of the research make the examiner understand the importance and need for this research.

  • Start with opening paragraph and mention the reason for the research.
  • Write the review of the paper followed by the observations.
  • State your study plan and how will it add value to the previous information.

Aims and Objectives: Introduction section of a research paper gives the answer of ‘why’ while you write about the ‘how’ process in aims and objective section. Write about your ultimate goal and the procedure you are planning to follow. Be specific to your goals and avoid being over-ambitious.

Literature Review: We ask our students in ‘do my class’ to add analysis of the particular topic and include references, journals, and review books to support your work. Support, against, and alternative approach are the three section in which your literature review should be divided and conclude the review with the best analysis and efforts you made for the research.

  1. Conclusion

Many readers directly jump to conclusion part after reading the introduction part. Write impressive conclusion supporting your entire efforts and avoid using phrases you aren’t well aware of. It must show the significance of your work and the ways of future research on your topic.

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