A dissertation is one of the most important parts of masters and PhD level studies. Dissertation methodology refers to the process of combining the research techniques you have used in the research paper. ‘Do My Online Class experts explain the importance of dissertation methodology for the help of students and also share some effective tips to write dissertation methodology in the best possible way.

What is Dissertation Methodology?

In ‘Do My Online Class, our experienced writers consider it important to understand the actual meaning of dissertation methodology. Dissertation methodology is the section of the dissertation where a student has to explain the source of data and the techniques he used for the collection of data. Qualitative and quantitative are the two common approaches while some students also used their combination. It’s necessary to explain the reason for choosing that specific technique

  • Briefly Explain Your Methods

It’s essential to explain the method you opted for the dissertation methodology. Explain how does the method was better than other methods and how does it help you during the research. If you are using the combination of the methods, you are expected to convince the supervisor with logical arguments about its effectiveness.

  • Research Techniques

If you have not conducted your research while using the primary resources, Do My Online Class suggests you include relevant references. Make the supervisor realize the efforts you have put in the collection of data and support your all research with a strong academic basis.

  • Draft Your Research

It’s a common practice that students start dissertation writing after completing the research work. Drafting of the data is important and experts suggest to start it earlier as it helps you to analyze the data and evaluate it as per the methodology of your dissertation. Moreover, the interpretation and stating the sources become easier.

Tips to Write a Dissertation Methodology

Your dissertation methodology should be descriptive and it must explain the processes you used for the data research. If you have used primary methods for the data collection such as questioners, interviews, and surveys the describe the details of the methods and reasons for choosing these techniques. On the other hand, if you have used secondary research resources like books and published papers then Do My Online Class don’t consider it necessary to explain the data collection process thoroughly.

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Dissertation Methodology Structure

There are four parts of dissertation methodology structures, i.e. research overview, research design, data collection, and data analysis. The first part describes the thought behind the selection of the specific topic while the second explains the process of setting up the project, purpose, and objectives. Data analysis refers to the data collection methods such as questioners, forums, and interviews. The fourth and the last part includes the context of the research, types of data, and variables affecting the research.

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