Take My Online Class is a great service for students who lack in writing skills or have a tough schedule. Live Academic Experts offer the service at affordable rates and writer quality dissertation, thesis, and essays for students. They eagerly share writing tips with students and help them to learn the best writing techniques. Grammatical errors are the most common mistakes the experts find the work and they consider it the fatal for the writing.

‘‘Take My Online Class asks students to pay some attention towards their grammar as it not only helps your academic career, but also in the professional life. Many people have poor grammar knowledge while many other commit these mistakes unintentionally. Don’t haste when you are writing an essay as it increases the chances of mistakes. Moreover, don’t undermine the importance of editing and proofreading. They can remove common to critical issue from your content and add value to it. Without any further ado, let’s discuss some common issue highlighted by ‘‘Take My Online Class experts.

  1. Incorrect Use of Commas

Commas are a very important part of grammar. They entirely change the meaning of the sentences. Run-on sentences or comma splice are incomplete without a comma as it helps to join two independent clauses which have no appropriate conjunction. You can fix a run-on sentence in various ways such as separate the two clauses and make two sentences from it, use coordinate conjunction to join the sentence, or use transitional words to replace a comma.

  1. Pronoun Mistakes

In the informal writing, committing pronoun mistakes are acceptable to some extent, but they must be avoided in informal writing. ‘Take My Online Class experts give a simple tip to students to prevent pronoun mistake and that is ‘if the noun is singular, the pronoun must be singular as well or vice versa’.

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  1. Wrong Usage of Apostrophe

An apostrophe is used to show the possession of a noun. There are two situations where students get confused in the use of apostrophe. The first is the possessive noun and the second is in the use of “it’s”.  An apostrophe doesn’t use with possessive nouns such as mine, ours, theirs, etc. Likewise, one must understand the difference between ‘its’ and it’s. It’s refers to it is while is a possessive noun.

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  1. Lack of Subject/Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement is another common issue in the writing. Students don’t understand its importance and commit silly mistakes. You must know that a singular subject is used with singular verb while a plural subject makes the best agreement with the plural verb.

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  1. Misplaced Modifiers

A modifier is a word used to emphasize the importance of a verb. It should be placed exactly before that word. Otherwise, it will change the meaning of the sentence and would fail to present the right message to the reader.

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Take My Online Class helps you to improve your writing skills by improving your grammar. You can get further guidance from our experts and learn the best writing techniques.