Do My Online Class service is designed to address the needs of students who are not native English speakers and commit ESL (English as a Second Language) mistakes. In Do My Online Class, expert writers attend their classes, prepare assignments, and discuss the tasks with the professor. Being an international, nobody can deny the importance of English and it’s necessary to improve it by eliminating common ESL mistakes. Here are some easy and effective tips to avoid these mistakes from your writing.

  1. Don’t Misuse the Article

Many students don’t understand the difference between definite and indefinite articles. ‘A’ and ‘an’ are indefinite articles while ‘the’ is known as the definite article.  Indefinite articles are used for those nouns which aren’t known. A is used for consonants while ‘an’ comes before vowels. On the other hand, the definite article refers to a noun that is known to both reader and writer. It specifies that noun and used for a specific common noun.

  1. Transitional Phrases

Do My Online Class experts term it the most common yet complex mistake which most of the student commit. The excessive and in necessary use of transitional phrases make content less appealing for the reader and minimize the overall worth. Here you can take the example for the better understanding, ‘The students were not studying. Consequently, they failed”.  A transitional phrase is meaningless in the sentence and it seems unnecessary as the sentence can convey its meaning completely without the phrase.

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  1. Consider the Adjectives

Do you know the sequence of adjectives is important in a sentence? If there are two or three adjectives necessary to define the qualities of a noun, then make sure you are following the right pattern. That is, article, judgment, size, shape, age, color, nationality, and material. You can’t place shape adjective before size. There is a black big cow. Doesn’t it seem weird? It becomes absolutely sane by reversing the position of adjectives.

  1. Understand the Difference between which/that

Most of the students in ‘Do My Online Class’ don’t understand the difference between ‘which’ and ‘that’. That is used for defining clauses while ‘which’ introduces non-defining clauses. By removing which clause, you lose some valuable information about the subject. On the other hand, elimination of that means the sentence is making no sense.

The car that has a punctured tyre is in the garage.

The car, which has a punctured tyre, is in the garage.

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  1. Be Careful in the Use of Plural Possessives

An apostrophe is used to show the possession of a noun. When the noun is singular then one needs to add both apostrophe and ‘s’. On the other hand, the inclusion of ‘s’ isn’t required for plural nouns such as students’ car.

All the above-mentioned ESL mistakes are necessary to avoid to cast a good impression on the reader. However, if you still find it difficult to write an assignment in English, then contact our Do My Online Class experts who proficient in writing and have a great understanding of native writing skills.