Wordiness is known as a negative trait of the writing skills as it depicts that the writer isn’t capable of writing a precise content and unable to get straight to the point.  Do My Online Class experts say that wordiness makes the content less appealing and the diverts the readers’ attention. Moreover, it depicts that the writer lacks proper knowledge of the topic and beating around the bush to complete the word count. In the formal reports, wordiness is fatal for the content quality and  Do My Online Class experts ask to avoid it by using the following tips.

  1. Avoid Filler Words

Fillers are the unnecessary words in a sentence. They may sound good in the sentence, but make content less precise. You can use these words in informal writing to make content catchy while shouldn’t be the part of formal content where you are expected to convey valuable information in the minimum words. For example, “it’s extremely beneficial for users…”. The word extremely is unnecessary and the sentence becomes more concise without it.

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  1. Don’t Loss Focus

Side conversations create confusion in the readers’ minds. Keep focused to your point and don’t discuss unnecessary details that have nothing to do with the main topic. Each sentence must have an objective and there must not be a fluff statement as it makes the sentence illogical and reduces its weight.

  1. Avoid Passive Voice

Do My Online Class experts strictly forbid the use of passive voice and encourage active voice sentences only. The passive voice needs more words to convey a message that you can say the same thing in lesser words when opting for active voice. Take the sentence, he eats an apple, for example. Active voice resumes sentence in only three words while the same sentence resumes in six words when you write in passive voice, e.g. ‘an apple is eaten by him’.

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  1. Avoid Redundancy

Never use the same idea over again. Likewise, avoid repeating the same phrase and words as the practice annoys the reader. Repeating the same idea in different paragraphs cast a bad impression on the reader.  Do My Online Class experts suggest to split down a big paragraph into two or three small paragraphs and discuss different points in each instead of prolonging the same.

  1. Avoid Adverb and Qualifiers

The excessive use of qualifiers gives the wordiness impact and makes the writing less attractive. These words include basically, actually, slowly, very, and absolutely. The basic purpose of these words is qualifying the verb and showing its importance. However, they are needless in many cases and we often use them because of the habit.

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