No matter how good you are in research and how many successful technical projects you have done in your academic career, you will definitely face some difficulty in writing, if you are not a native English speaker. From spelling to prepositions and punctuation to articles, there is always some confusion you face and you must know you aren’t alone as almost everyone ESL writer faces the same issues. Help me with my online class is the best service that addresses the writing issues of ESL writers.

Help me with my online class service is offered by a team of experienced writers who are highly professional in their filed and know well how to write grammatical errors free essays and thesis for the students. The writers ensure the highest marks as we deliver high-quality work at affordable rates and fully understand the problems faced by the ESL writers because we are in the field for several years and have earned both name and fame due to the premium services delivered worldwide. Our Help me with my online class experts have jotted down some tips which will help the writers to remove writing errors and make content clearer.

  1. Be Careful about Spelling Mistakes

There are some words which are spelled differently in British English and American English. It creates confusion in the minds of people who are reading English as a second writing. Help me with my online class experts suggest considering your audience before writing a thesis or an essay instead of memorizing both types of spellings. You can get help from Google or any other dictionary to prevent spelling mistakes.

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  1. Avoid Wordiness

Avoid wordiness as the lengthy paragraphs increase the chances of mistakes. Write short sentences so you don’t commit subject-verb agreement mistakes. Likewise, the writer fails to use a correct preposition and can’t connect two clauses with the correct conjunctions. Be concise and follow and stay focused or you will loss concentration in otherwise.

  1. Count/Non-Count Nouns

Students never understand the difference between countable and non-countable nouns. They treat both in the same manner and commit mistakes. One must know that water, milk, rice, etc. are non-countable nouns as they are used as a singular. The same case goes with collective nouns as army and herd are used as a singular noun. Once you use every or each in a sentence, you are expected to follow them as singular nouns.

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  1. Avoid Tenses Mistakes

Tenses mistakes are the most annoying mistakes. It depicts that you lack basic English writing skills which you were expected to learn in the junior classes.  If the first clause is in the past tense, then never write the next clause in the present tense or future tense. However, if the first clause is in the present or future tense, then the second can be in any tense.

  1. Don’t Omit Proofreading

Help me with my online class experts emphasize the need of proofreading by terming it one of the most essential parts of writing. It helps you to remove minor mistakes and improve the content structure if there is some issue present in it.