Academic writing is a great responsibility. It directly impacts student’s studies and career. The professors and researchers have to write reports, research papers, academic papers, and teachers’ training programs. Our  ‘Online class help’ experts have identified five common mistakes which even experienced writers commit and it results in poor readability of the content. Moreover, it also triggers difficulties for the students to understand the writer’s perspective. Without any delay, let’s check out how we make your content free from these mistakes when you get our ‘Online class help’.

  1. Avoid Passive Voice

Passive voice slows down the action while the active voice emphasizes on the action. In some cases, the sue of passive voice in inevitable and you have to use it clearly demonstrate the idea. However, try to avoid passive voice if it’s making doer unknown such as ‘mistakes were made’. The sentence is generating confusions bout the person who made the mistakes.

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  1. Complex Sentence Structure

You must have noticed that our writers use small sentences if you ever hired our ‘Online class help’ service. Academic writing contains complex ideas that lead to sophisticated thinking. However, the writing shouldn’t make the idea unclear due to the complex writing style. The actual goal of writing is to communicate your thinking and make it clear to the readers.

Dangling modifiers, unnecessary clauses, and tough vocabulary are very common in academic writing which make the sentence structure needlessly complex. Sometimes, even such writing makes reader wonder if the author understands what he or she has written. Above all, it gives wordiness impression and depicts the author’s poor writing skills and inability to directly state the actual point.

  1. Trumped-Up Vocabulary

Online class help’ experts believe that the purpose of academic writing is to communicate your idea in plain yet effective words rather concealing it in complicated vocabulary. Although, academic writing is famous for its difficult vocabulary, but many writers go overboard and the readers have to reread every sentence several times to get the actual meaning. It’s not a right approach. So, use commonly used words and avoid unnecessary jargons and obscure terminologies.

  1. Unnecessary Footnotes

In academic writing, footnotes are used to include information for the readers’ help. The excess use of footnotes minimizes the paper’s worth and deflects the reader’s focus from the main idea. Online class help experts suggest to ask yourself whether or not the footnotes are justified. If they are so important then use the in the body of the paper or remove it in otherwise.

  1. Plagiarism

Probably, it’s the worst habit in academic writing as it directly results in no marks. Sometimes, you add plagiarism unintentionally, but it counts in careless writing and you need to avoid it anyway. Make sure you are adding correct bibliography, citation, and references. Use plagiarism checkers to check the uniqueness of the content and rewrite the plagiarized lines.

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