As if research process isn’t a difficult task and you have optimal skills to find out the relevant information from an authentic source, proper documentation of these sources is a big headache. Improperly documented sources result in plagiarism that is a big offense in academics. Service like  ‘Take My Online Class are very helpful for it, but our experts want you to understand the importance of paraphrasing and opting for some useful strategies to minimize the chances of plagiarism.

Before jumping to the actual strategies, you must know the difference between quoting and paraphrasing.

  1. Direct Quotation

A quotation can be used directly to the content. However, enclose it into indentations or quotation marks. Examples are given below:

“Marketing needs increase with the passage of time and companies’ have to change their strategies accordingly “.


  1. Paraphrase

In paraphrasing, you rewrite the entire sentence in your own unique words. But still, you need to add in-text citation to prevent plagiarism issues.

Paraphrasing Strategies by  ‘Take My Online Class‘ Experts

Take My Online Class offers reliable academic services and our experts are experienced in paraphrasing. They know how to prevent plagiarism in the content and what strategies are highly useful for it. Let’s discuss these strategies one by one.

Translate: Translate the entire sentence in your own words and don’t use just thesaurus to find synonyms. Plagiarism software easily detect such content due to the same sentence structure and enormous similarity.

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Flip the Sentence: Change the entire structure of the sentence. Move the beginning at the end and vice versa. Similarly, you can change the voice of the sentence by converting active voice into passive voice and passive voice into active voice.

Change the Sentence Length: Usually, scholarly articles are written in lengthy and complex sentences and they share different ideas in one sentence. Split a long sentence into short sentences and discuss one idea in each. Moreover, don’t try to keep things complex rather keep them simple and straightforward to easily understand the idea. Stick to your own style throughout the document so the text matches thoroughly.

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Don’t Change the Actual Idea: The actual purpose of paraphrasing isn’t to hide the original writer by using the perfect words swapping techniques rather it expects that you can write something in your own words. Never ruin the actual idea of the content and don’t try to change the meaning. In short, you can say that paraphrasing is meant to convey an idea in simple yet relevant words.

Paraphrasing has a great purpose. It demonstrates that you have understood the literature and capable to express it in your own words. Moreover, it helps you to conduct your own research and carefully use in-text citation. If you lack paraphrasing skills, hire our  ‘Take My Online Class service and get unique, plagiarism-free, and well-structured content. We offer on-time, high-quality, and excellent work within your budget. Our customer service is always at your disposal and writers are ready to provide premium services.