Every student wants to add a little kick to his and her research paper. Many pass through while many other fail to yield expected results. Unfortunately, unsuccessful students lack the basic search skills which are the key to a great research paper.  ‘Take My Online Class experts were amazed to know that the majority students rely on Wikipedia only and don’t know how to do comprehensive research to collect authentic and relevant information. To address this issue, our  ‘Take My Online Class experts have jotted down some tips to do smart research to write a well-reached research paper.

  1. Schedule Some Time for Research

You must have enough time for your research in which you can do comprehensive research with a relax mind. In haste, nobody can read the information provided in the websites or books and overlook the important points. Schedule the time for research and specify some hours for this task so you can read the relevant material, take notes, and start putting them together in a draft.

  1. Look Beyond the Turrets of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a good place to begin your research, but don’t stop here. Many institutions and supervisors don’t accept Wikipedia information due to the authenticity issues. So, better to choose other sources such as HubSpot, Google Scholar, ACM-IEEE Library, etc.  These are known as reliable sources and acceptable at levels.

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  1. Keep Research Question in Mind

Keep your research question in mind to ensure your focus. It will help you in research and you can collect relevant information and gather background material. Never add irrelevant information as it will only add wordiness in your research paper which will affect the quality of the work.

  1. Deal with One Part at a Time

Don’t work aimlessly if you want to get good grades.  ‘Take My Online Class experts suggest to structure your paper into different parts and work on a specific part at a time. Dealing one part at a time allows you to answer that question and develop the connection among different parts.

  1. Use Different Keywords

Keywords are the words and phrases you add to the search bar of the search engine. These search queries play an important role in the search results. Don’t use the same queries and keep changing them to get more precise results. For example, if you are looking for information about RAM, then use ‘what is RAM’, ‘how does RAM work’, etc.

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  1. Maximize AutoComplete

Use Google AutoComplete to get the best results. When you type a query, Google shows a list of suggestion and you can click on the relevant one. These options are the handy way to complete a search. Likewise, try to customize your searches by using the numeric ranges, adding relevant sites, and using quotations marks to get the specific quote.

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