Marketing is an important subject of business and a business student can become a good businessman only he or she has good marketing skills. It’s necessary to have good grades in the marketing subject to excel in the field and create an impressive professional CV. That’s why, Live Academic Experts offer Online class help for marketing students and facilitate them with the best marketing topics so they write an impressive essay and get higher marks in the subject. Let’s discuss the suggested marketing topic by our Online class help experts.

Best Marketing Topics by Online Class Help Experts

The topic you choose for your essay decides your grades and marks in the subject. To write a great essay, you must know the type of the essay so you understand the essay’s requirements and collect points accordingly.

  1. Persuasive Essay

In persuasive essay type, the user tries to convince the reader influence on his mind by using different logics. Usually, the writer chooses one side and pursue the reader by providing realistic information and trustworthy statistics. Persuasive essays topics suggested by our Online class help experts are as follows:

  • Is branding a key to success?
  • Unnecessary branding messages ruin company’s reputation.
  • Email marketing isn’t effective anymore.
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  1. Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays aim to provide detailed information about a certain topic. The writer is expected to state everything related to the topic such as pros, cons, types, and impacts.

  • Types of digital marketing.
  • What is SWOT and its examples?
  • How does marketing affect the budget of a company?
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  1. Comparative Essay

These essays are also known as compare and contrast essays in which differences and similarities of a two things are considered and evaluated how they are similar or different from each other. To write a comparative essay, you must know the both types, their benefits, side effects, and types so you can compare them in an effective manner.

  • Email marketing Vs. Social media marketing.
  • Digital marketing and social media marketing- which is the best?
  • How PEST analysis is better than SWOT analysis.
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  1. Analytical Essays

Analysis essay demands a complete analysis of e certain thing or service. In marketing, analytical essays inspect the different a certain topic on the basis of different techniques, strategies, and analysis formulas such as SWOT, PEST, and STEEP analysis. The examples of marketing analysis essays types are as follows:

  • STEEP analysis of Coca cola company.
  • How does Starbucks become a leading company?
  • PEST Analysis of ADIDAS

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