Students find it boring to write an essay on the topic assigned by their professor as it restricts them to certain rules. On the other hand, if the professor asks them to choose a topic on their own, they get confused due to the lack of understanding with different types of essays.  Online class help addresses this issue and provides a guidance about different essay types.

Competitive essay is a major type of essay in which students has to compare two things as per their similarities and differences. These essays are also known as comparison essays or compare and contrast essays.  Online class help experts ask students to be very careful while writing a comparison essay and it has certain rules which are necessary to follow.

Tips to Write a Great Competitive Essay

Unfortunately, students are unaware of basic strategy of a competitive essay and they don’t know how to attempt it.  Online class help writers say that many students think just collecting a lot of information and simply stating it will give them good marks. Compare and comparison means you are expected to compare two things on the basis of their similarities and differences.

In a good competitive essay strategy, student should collect important points after reading question statement two to three times. Afterwards, check those points which the examiner has asked you.  Work only on those points instead of wasting tie and efforts on unnecessary information. For example, if the examiner has asked you the difference between North American culture and Britain culture, then discuss only North American culture rather comparing Britain culture with entire American culture.

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  1. Understand Two Types of Comparison Essays

First of all, you must know two types of approaches you can opt for in comparison essays.  Online class help experts asks students to collect information at first and then decide which approach suits the best.

Block Pattern: In this strategy, the student defines first subject at first. Afterward, he discusses first argument point, second argument point, and third argument point. Then repeats the same strategy for the second subject. This approach is recommended when you have don’t have enough points for one or both subjects and you can’t make a comparison table of your data.

Point-to-point: In this approach, the author defines both subjects and make point-to-point comparison of both subjects. At the end, the discussion is concluded and major contrasts are discussed again.

  1. Strong Arguments Are Required

Strong arguments are necessary for a competitive essay. You must know have statistical values and proofs to support your arguments. Otherwise, chances of rejection get higher.

  1. Never Commit Silly Mistakes

Make logical arguments rather stating vague idea as it will reduce the overall worth of the essay. Use powerful and confident tone so the reader doesn’t get an impression that you are unsure on your statements.  Likewise,  Online class help experts advice to not commit silly mistakes such as grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes, and sentence structure mistakes as it casts a negative impact on readers and reflects your inefficient writing skills.