Do you find it difficult to choose an essay topic when your professor gives you a liberty to do so? If yes, then don’t worry as you aren’t alone and almost every other student faces the same issues.  Online class help experts believe that to write a great essay, you must have a good essay topic which provides proper information, data, and arguments. Otherwise, lack of information and uninteresting topic can grab the attention of the readers and results in poor marks.

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Use Three Steps to Find a Great Topic

  1. Within the discipline, choose a topic which is interesting and you have some previous knowledge about it. Make sure the topic you are going to choose provides has good scope and it’s not obsolete. An uninteresting never gives you expected marks. Search for the topic which has potential to grab the attention of the reader and it provides some worthy information to readers.
  2.  Online class help experts suggest to choose a topic at first and then ask to evaluate it from different perspectives. In the evaluation process, check both broader and narrow sides and go for the one.

Broad topics aren’t easy to handle and you have to cover all perspectives of the essay. On contrary, narrow topics let you cover entire topic in a comprehensive manner and you can state all information in an organized way.

For example, ‘Newton Laws of Motion and Their Implementations’ and ‘Newton Third Law and its Implementation’ are the examples of broad topic and narrow topic respectively. Narrow topics limit the scope and information level that makes them easy to handle.

  1. Check information sources. Always prefer a topic that has information available on authentic sources like our  Online class help experts do. Sometimes, narrow topics are interesting, but they don’t provide enough information that results in a poorly organized essay.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Always do proper research about the topic you are planning to write and access the relevant information about it. Also, collect relevant information and resources.
  • Don’t undermine the importance of brainstorming as it gives you deep insight to the topic.
  • Do proper research and never start work abruptly. Our  Online class help experts ask toTake proper time in research and never waste time as completing essay at the last moment is difficult.
  • Don’t hesitate to change the topic if you don’t find authentic information or data.
  • Don’t be over-confident and avoid choosing rare topics with minimum information.
  • Always do proper research, write proper plan, and follow a structure to give your best.

Avoid Common Mistakes in Topic Selection

If you find a good topic on the internet and it holds noteworthy information, don’t start rephrasing it rather do some research and try to add something new. Think with a different perspective and evaluate it further.

Online class help experts make a structure of the essay and organize information in it so they can make the reader understand the importance of the topic. Narrow down the topic if possible and be precise.  Broad topics often mess up and generate confusion. Never add irrelevant information just to increase word count.