Persuasive writing or argumentative writing is one of the most important writing style used in academic papers and essays. In a persuasive essay, the writer opens up with a statement and then tries to incite the readers to respond the topic through a discussion. Online class help experts have already written some blogs about persuasive essay writing tips which students appreciated a lot. Knowing the importance of the topic, our Online class help experts have decided to address the topic again and share some triggers for argumentative writing.

  1. Write with Passion

In persuasive writing, passion changes entire scenario as it shows your confidence and grip on the subject. Online class help experts say that the writer gets unfair advantage over reader when he or she writes with passion. Passion shows you know what you are saying, understand the importance of the topic, and have sound facts and figures to support your arguments.

Copywriting with Passion

  1. Focus on Language Features

Language features are one of the most important factors of persuasive writing. It’s recommended to sue present tense and use emotive phrases. Be careful in the selection of adjectives as verbs supported by effective adjectives immediately impact on the mind of the reader. You can use these phrases and adjective to convince the readers and make them agreed with your opinion.

  1. Discuss Pros and Cons Clearly

Always discuss advantages and disadvantages of an argumentative essay clearly. State your opinion in a straight forward way and never make any statement that generates ambiguity or shows your disbelief on what you are using. Support your arguments with facts and figures and use authentic data to discuss the pros and cons of the statement. Use technical and powerful language to show your grip on topic and stick to your point instead of beating about the bush.

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  1. Don’t Forget Emotions

Never undermine the importance of emotions in your essay. Starting an essay with an emotional statement draws the reader into a particular plight of situation and you can win his empathy or sympathy towards the situation. Online class help writers give some examples such as “The lady had nothing to eat the night she died”, “Students were bound to do 8-hours job apart from the ten-hour study”, etc.

By using these emotional statements, you also cast a positive impression and show your soft side towards a certain social or cultural issue. Likewise, you can ask rhetorical questions to start your essay. The examples are given below:

Do you really think..

How would you feel if..

Do you need a great job?

  1. Include Facts

Emotional phrases and powerful adjectives are highly useful in persuasive writing, but the value of facts and figures is indispensable. Facts make your writing more believable and they even give immediate credence over simple statements. For examples, ‘80% mothers inform their kids about bullying’, “70% drivers admit that they use mobile phone during driving”, etc. Online class help writers encourage the use of statistics in persuasive writing as examiners and readers trust statements supported by facts.