Writing a 200-300 words essay isn’t a big deal and students easily fulfill the given intrusions as well. However, writing a 1000 words essay is a real game where you have to maintain a tempo and develop a relation among different paragraphs. Students guidance help from Online class help experts as they found it difficult to write a great essay on their own.

Our Online class help writers discuss the essay topic with students and also ask them about the difficulties which make them feel that they can’ complete it. After evaluating students’ opinions, our experts have collected following results:

  • 45% students are confused about essay structure.
  • 30% lack in writing skills.
  • 20% have no idea how to search the relevant information.
  • 5% can’t complete essay due to personal reasons (busy schedule, lack of time).
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Tips from Online Class Help Experts

Writing an academic essay takes time and you should prepare your mind for the upcoming struggle. It needs dedication, efforts, and proper research.

Start Early: Don’t waste your time in just thinking as start work early so you can give proper time to research, brainstorming, idea creation, and writing. Divide the time into different slots and give proper time to every part. Invest time in searching as it’s the crucial part of essay writing and determine the quality of the essay.

Conduct In-depth Research: Online class help recommend in-depth research of the essay as it’s the core of a 100 words essay and you are expected to collect relevant academic journals, books, and guides to give authentic and acceptable statistics and references. In-depth research is necessary as professors accept only reliable research collected from scientific articles and journals.

Don’t Ignore Essay Format: Never ignore the format of an essay because a good documentation is highly dependent on its presentation. Moreover, many universities and professors suggest a certain format and inform about the font size, alignment, and citation style. There are four different formats followed by universities including MLA, APA, Harvard, and Chicago.

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Create an Outline: The outline of an essay is highly important. A good outline helps you to write the best essay and it takes half an hour to draft the outline. While making an outline, make sure you are considering important points only and don’t including unnecessary information. Do proper research and every section of the outline must have strong arguments to support the point.

Structure is Important:  The structure of an essay is highly important and an effective structure divides information in a great manner and helps you to organize data in a presentable manner. Here is the suggested 1000-words essay structure by Online class help experts.

  • Write Introduction

Start the essay with an introductory paragraph. You must know that the first impression is the last impression. So, take a start with a powerful and thought provoking sentence that shows the importance and purpose of essay.

  • Body

It contains all arguments, facts, statistics, and supportive data. You can divide this part into different paragraphs and add references to support your arguments.

  • Conclusion

Conclude the essay by stating the essay title once again and briefly mention the important information and the purpose of writing the essay.