Students write articles and critical essays to publish in newspapers and academic websites. It helps them in their professional life and depicts their research and writing talent. Everyday, a big number of articles are rejected by the publishers which leads students to disappointment.Take My Online Class experts have years of writing experience and they have also worked as editors in renowned publishing agencies. Our Take My Online Class experts did an extensive research on this issue and found grammatical mistakes the biggest reason behind the rejection of an essay or blog by publishers. How to overcome this issue? Let’s learn together.

  1. It Affects Publisher’s Reputation

Grammatical mistakes don’t only affect the writer’s reputation, but the publishing company as well. Readers hate to read a paper or essay with a lot of grammatical issues and it also increases their concern about the content quality. It’s a fact that books lover and those who are fond of reading can’t tolerate silly punctuation or sentence structure mistakes and never visit that website again.

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  1. Google Discourages Grammatical Errors

Take My Online Class experts and Google instructions confirm that a content full of grammar mistakes is bad for SEO. Google and other search engines aim to deliver the best content and work to their readers and rank the website higher which present quality information. Google crawlers term it low quality content and never enlist it in top search results.

  1. Loss Respect and Publishing Opportunity

Reputation is very dear to publishers and they don’t risk it in anyway. Once they find your content full of crazy spelling mistakes, typo errors, and poor sentence structure, they never give you a second chance. You miss publishing opportunity as well as the chance of creating an identity on great research forums.

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  1. Being Taken Out of Context

It’s feels so bad when you are misunderstood by people you really want to make understand your point. Bad grammar easily puts you in such trouble especially when you are discussing an important topic on a forum. Readers misunderstand your opinion and often it initiates another debate. To prevent such situation where you have you pull your hair, pay attention to your grammar and avoid common mistakes.

  1. Loss a Job

Take My Online Class writers receive several CVs full of spelling mistakes and they ask to improve its formatting instead of being concerned about the grammar. Publishing a CV with typo and grammar mistakes would result in the clear rejection and companies judge your efficiency and capability on the basis of your resume. Be careful about it and proofread it before publishing.

Tips to Avoid Grammar Mistakes

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