Essay is an important part of academic career, but many students take it as a normal part of their educational routine and never try to give their best. It results in a poorly written essay that fails to fulfill the requirements of the examiner. Low marks in essay affects your overall result which also triggers numerous problems in your professional life.  Take My Online Class experts encourage students to improve their writing skills as it becomes an effortless task when you stop committing standard mistakes. Our experienced  Take My Online Class writers have jotted down common mistakes of essay writing to help you to avoid them in your next writing task.

Content Mistakes

Subject and text are two crucial parts of an essay and if there is no relation between both, the it means your essay isn’t up to the mark.  Take My Online Class writers emphasize the collection of proper information, relevant data, and authentic facts and figures.

  • Content doesn’t Match the Topic

Do proper research on the topic and always use relevant vocabulary. Read books and visit several websites to completely understand the topic and show readers that you have sufficient knowledge about it.

  • Inadequate Structure

Improper essay structure leads to the failure. Introduction, argument paragraphs, and conclusion are essential parts of an essay structure. Missing a part means you are decreasing the essay weightage and going to ruin your impression in examiner’s eye.

  • Absence of Thesis Statement

Students needs to understand that an essay without a thesis statement is like an army without a general. It’s aimless and can’t express ideas and arguments clearly. State thesis statement in the introductory paragraph and restate it several time in the essay too.

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Stylistic Issues

Apart from good research and relevant information,  Take My Online Class experts emphasize on efficient writing style to avoid common mistakes.

  • Repetitive Words

Repetitive words and expressions show the lack of vocabulary and gives a monotonous tone. Use vocabulary to pick suitable synonym.

  • Informal or Too Formal Writing

Your essay should be a combination of formal and informal writing styles. Avoid too much use of slang expressions and don’t go overboard in the use of formal expressions as well. Keep a balance among both to get maximum marks in exams.

  • Poor Sentence Structure

Sentence structure mistakes are fatal for the essay health. Avoid long sentences and excessive use of passive voice. Your sentences should be readable and no longer than 20 words.

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Grammatical Mistakes 

Grammatical errors are very common among students, but you can overcome grammatical issues with a little effort.

  • Put a comma after introductory phrase.
  • Be careful about spellings and consult with a dictionary.
  • The absence of agreement with verb and subject.
  • Placing no comma before coordinating conjunction such as but, for, and, nor, etc.
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Take My Online Class experts provide complete guidance and help to students. They help you learn the basic ingredients of an essay, suitable expression, right phrases, and perfect structure. Hire our experts and improve your mark sheet with impressive grades.