Minor grammar mistakes cast a bad impact on the reader, but the presence of plagiarism raises doubts on your credibility and honesty. It’s the most important factor you should consider as it leads to direct rejection of the assignment while you can also face criminal charges at research levels.  Online class help experts term unawareness and negligence the reasons of plagiarism. Unfortunately, students don’t get necessary guidance from teachers and have no idea about the types of plagiarism. They leave plagiarism in the content unconsciously and face consequences later. Knowing the importance of the issue, our  Online class help experts are going to share important types of plagiarism and different ways to remove it from your document.

Different Types of Plagiarism

Some students think that copying a content and pasting it as it is the only type of plagiarism. It’s not true. No matter you add plagiarism intentionally or unintentionally, it’s a crime and there are different types of plagiarism you should be careful about as it’s something not acceptable in anyway. Before any further ado, let’s discuss the types described by our  Online class help experts.

  1. Direct Plagiarism

Direct copying and pasting method is known as direct plagiarism and  Online class help experts consider it the most fatal type. If you are including such type of plagiarism in your content, then get ready for the complete rejection of the assignment. Moreover, you can face criminal charges in the court as you can’t justify it in any way.

How to Avoid: Rephrase the content and change sentence structure. Use your own words to explains the idea instead of copying the same content from the source. Even when you reword the content, make sure there are no three similar consecutive words in a sentence as plagiarism checkers detects it.

  1. Self-Plagiarism

Writing your work or submitting the same work in different classes is known as self-plagiarism. According to  Online class help experts, students don’t know about it and add their previous work in the new assignment without bringing this action in the knowledge of the professor which result in the partial or complete rejection of the work.

How to Avoid: Prior inform your professor about the inclusion of previous work or mention it clearly to prevent any inconvenience later.

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  1. Mosaic Plagiarism  

It’s a type of plagiarism which isn’t detectable by plagiarism checkers. Such type of plagiarism produces in the result of spinning tools that changes synonyms of the content and makes work meaningless. Despite of the undetectable nature, it’s a punishable act.

How to Avoid:  Never use spinning software and prefer manual rewriting. Make sure every sentence is making sense and have some meaning.

  1. Accidental Plagiarism

If you don’t reference the source of the content, then it means you are claiming it your own. Such type of plagiarism is called accidental plagiarism which can also result in a penalty.

How to Avoid: Follow the right citation and reference pattern and don’t forget anything that you have picked from another site.