Essay writing isn’t a favorite activity of various people as they find it boring and dull. However, it can become an easy and full of fun activity when you know the success factors of an essay and a good understanding with structure. According to online class help experts, there are different types of essays such as descriptive, argumentative, persuasive, and expository which vary in requirements, but all of them have the same structure. If you know the ultimate essay checklist, then tasks become easier to complete.

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Ultimate Checklist Suggested by Online Class Help Experts

There are four parts of an essay, i.e. introduction, body, conclusion, and bibliography. Online class help experts suggest the following checklist for these parts as it helps you to understand the requirements of an essay and complete it as per the teacher’s instructions.


It’s the most important part of an essay which decides whether the reader is going to read essay till the end or not. Start the essay with a general statement that describes the purpose of the essay, but don’t start it with an explicit statement such as, ‘The essay is going to prove…’ or ‘In this essay I want to prove’.

  • Make a clear statement that explains the purpose of essay.
  • Choose catchy words to grab the attention of the reader.
  • The introduction should brief and well-written in a confident tone.
  • The hook statement is necessary to make a connection between introduction and the body.
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In this part of the essay, you support the statement you have made in the introduction of the essay provide arguments to support your statement. Usually there are three paragraphs in this part and online class help experts suggest to defend one argument in one paragraph. Support your claim by providing facts, opinions, and stats and make sure you are citing the authentic information.

  • In the first paragraph, restate the introduction statement and elaborate it further. Provide evidence to support it.
  • The second paragraph explains another argument. Provide reliable facts and figures to prove the second statement or if you have to prove just one point in the entire essay, then add some more information and arguments.
  • Conclude first two paragraphs briefly with some more evidences and restate the hook statement again to support your point.
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This part ties all ideas together which you proved in the essay. Restate the entire statement as it is and write your findings once again to get to know what does essay prove? Finish your essay with a call to action statement and avoid writing any argument or statement that shows doubts on your previous statements. Choose an ending statement that matches the tone and requirements of your essay.

  • Call to action statement should be powerful yet brief.
  • Read and revise the complete essay.
  • Remove fluffing and write valuable lines only which are unique and have some meaning.
  • Online class help experts advise to check plagiarism and remove copied lines to prevent the chances of rejection.
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