Whether you are a parent or a teacher, developing reading habit would definitely be your major concern. Sometimes, it seems quite difficult to inculcate a habit in a student who is not ready for it. No need to worry at all as our Take My Online Class experts would share some worthwhile tips with you to help students improve their reading skills. According to one of our Take My Online Class expert, students consider reading a chore is a major reason for taking interest in it.  Teacher and parents can change the student’s mind about reading and help him to ignite the passion for books by incorporating activities focused on building reading skills to improve comprehension and engagement.

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Annotate and Highlight Text

Ask students to read a book and highlight the important information. Tell them to find valuable data from the book and make notes from them. Make question from the content and give answers. Likewise, they can write down the meanings and synonyms of difficult words and make sentences for better understanding.

Personalize the Content 

Students start taking interest in a topic or subject which have any sort of connection with them. Make an association of the content with them or ask them to write it as your personalized experience. Don’t impose any strict guideline and let them explore writing and words by themselves. It will help them to improve their writing skills and understand a specific thing from different perspectives.

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Set Reading Goals 

Take My Online Class experts believe that setting reading goals is a great way to encourage students reading books. Ask students to set their goals and write down them on a notebook. Check their goals and appreciate them. Gove some suggestions if needed and help them to choose the best books for reading which should be interesting as well as vocabulary rich. R

Read in Portions

Studying a big complex chapter is difficult and boring. Students take such tasks dull and can’t take interest in them properly.  Divide a chapter into short portions and make segments to reduce complexity and ask students to learn every segment one by one. Take My Online Class experts encourage teacher’s participation in it as it makes students realize that the teacher is making efforts to help out them and they should take it seriously.

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Reading and writing go side by side. Improving one means the other is improving automatically. Give different writing activities to students and ask them to share personal experiences. Give prize to the best writer so other students also get some motivation.  To improve their writing skills and perform better in the next task, they will surely read similar stories and will collect good vocabulary. In this way, their readings habit will improve and learning process won’t stop.

For more suggestion and guidance, contact our Take My Online Class experts who have been taking online classes for years and have rich experience in academics.