Business writing is a very important part of professional communication. There are multiple types of business writing including memorandum, emails, reports, and proposals. Online class help experts asks students to understand the purpose of writing and keep eye on the ultimate goals. Getting higher sale, winning customers, inform about a certain product, and conveying a news are some common reasons of business writings. Formal writing style is used in business communication and you have to be very careful about grammar, typing mistakes, and sentence structure. A poorly written document casts a bad impact on reader and ruins your business reputation.

Types of Business Writing

According to Online class help experts, there are different types of business writing and every type has its own requirements. After the boom of digital marketing, business writings are not limited to memos, emails, and business letters only. Here are five common types that every businessman should know.

  1. Business Memo

It’s an internal business document that a person sends to another person in the same company or department. The salutation is very direct in a memo and all of them are in uppercase. Full name of the sender is followed by the title. In the next line, leave a space between and write date and then subject. First paragraph is introductory paragraph followed by the body. Write arguments in the body and conclude the entire memo in the last paragraph. Don’t worry if it’s getting lengthy as a memo usually has three to five paragraphs.

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  • Business Letter

Online class help experts term it a highly important type of business writing which usually have five paragraphs. Business letters have clear sales pitch and the sender reminds receiver about any promise or something common they have. After the introductory paragraph, the body of the letter starts in which the sender informs, instruct, argue, and assure the receiver about a certain thing. Proper enclosure is required in business letters.

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  • Business Email

Online class help experts believe that email is a growing and widely being used mode of communication in these days. Unlike, business letters and memos, business emails are brief, precise, and to the point as nobody has time to read lengthy emails. Write the purpose of email in the subject and it should be clear enough that the reader instantly gets the reason of the email. Add date, your name, title, and attachments enclosures at the end of the email.

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  • Business Proposal

A business proposal is written from a seller to a prospective buyer. To write a compelling business proposal, collect all information of your business and the deal you are going to discuss with the buyer. Outline the scope of the project and then draft a proposal. You must have a confident tone in the proposal and ensure the buyer you have potential to meet their requirements. It’s better to offer different choices so the buyer considers another option if he doesn’t like first option. Online class help experts suggest to personalize the benefits and let him know how does it’s beneficial for him or his company.

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