The International Language Testing System (IELTS) is a very common test that assesses the English writing, listening, and speaking ability of a student. Most students especially those who speak English as a second language find it difficult to pass the test in the first attempt. Take My Online Class service assists students in the preparation of IELTS and our experts provide complete guidance about the test. Here in this article, we are sharing the details of the test and some valuable tips for preparation.

What is IELTS and Its Scoring System?

IETLS exam involves four sections that help to assess all your language skills. 2 hours and 45 minutes are the given time for the test and one must be very quick and have a good vocabulary to pass the exam.

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  1. Listening

In this section, you have to listen to a series of conversations in a variety of English accents. Once the conversation ends, you have to give answers to the given questions. It involves four sections and each comprises 40 questions while this section lasts for 30 minutes.

  • Reading

In involves reading different types of texts such as workplace and commonly used phrases in social life. It includes three sections and you have to give answers of forty questions.

  • Writing

Two tasks are given in this section for that you are given an hour time. You have to describe a diagram in the first task and make an argument in the second task.

  • Speaking

It includes three parts. The first part involves answering some general questions while you are given a topic to discuss in the second part. The third part asks you to speak on a given topic and express your opinion about it.

According to Take My Online Class experts, the score of IELTS ranges from 1 to 9 where one implicates the lowest score and 9 the highest. For taking admission in post-graduate degree, your score should be 7 while for undergraduate courses it must be 6.

Useful Tips by Take My Online Class 

For the preparation of IELTS exam, watch English season and news daily so you understand their pronunciation and read English conversational books to improve your vocabulary. Do exercise the structure of the grammar and pay attention to your writing skills. Environment, education, jobs, and current affair are the common themes and topics which appear in IELTS. Collect good vocabulary of these topics and learn more about them.

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ON the test day, arrive at the test location on-time so you can start it at the earliest. Read questions carefully and listen to the conversation. Don’t skip any part and before answering a question comprehend it well.  Be careful about your time and manage it accordingly. Take My Online Class Experts advise to double check the answers to ensure there is no mistake left in the paper. Speak as much as you can during the speaking test and be confident during the argumentative part. Don’t stop in speaking test as it will give a chance to the examiner to interrupt you and counter your argument.