Tools of a professional help him to improve his skills and complete work faster. Writers also need some tools to get help in writing and do their job perfectly. Online class help experts encourage the use of different tools in writing as they assist the writer and prevent writing block. You get an idea of different words and can identify your mistakes. Moreover, there are different tools that highlight spelling, grammar, and sentence structure issues and also suggest you the most suitable word for it. Online class help experts have jotted down a list of 5 tools which are very useful for writers.

  1. Microsoft Word

It’s the most effective tool especially for those who don’t have 24/ 7 internet facility. The tool works well both online and offline and offers different formatting patterns. It highlights spelling and grammar mistakes and does let you know different synonyms of a word. There are different headings, text highlight color, margins, text bold, and text underline features area available which one can use in writing a lengthy document.

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  • Grammarly   

Grammarly is known as one of the most authentic and reliable tools for writers. Its use is quite easy and one can easily install its extension and add to the browser. The tool supports all browsers and helps to enhance writing skills by suggesting a concise and clear tone. Its paid version also offers plagiarism detecting facility and offers vocabulary enhancements. Online class help experts recommend this tool for both beginners and experts as it’s equally useful for everyone.

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  • Twords

The tool tracks your progress and helps you to develop consistency in your writing. Its “Accountability Buddy” informs you about your monthly progress and also notifies you when you have not written for several days. There is a library option available in tool that you can use to get new ideas and prevent writer’s block.

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  • Online Dictionaries

Download a dictionary in your smartphone and daily learn some new words along with their synonyms and find out their antonyms. Online class help experts suggest to make sentences of these words and use them in your daily conversations and writings so they become a part of your memory.

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  • Google Docs

You write, edit, and save a number of documents in Google Docs and share them online in the form of a link. It also allows you to share a document in a protected form so nobody else copies it. However, if you send an editable document, then the other person can read as well as edit it.

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