The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is designed to evaluate their ability to communicate in English. Over 10, 000 companies take this test to select their employees from foreign countries while many universities have also made it mandatory for the admission. Take My Online Class experts daily receive several queries about TOEIC as many students want to know about it and want some useful tips for its preparation.

What is TOEIC?

Communication is the key to every business and job. One simply can’t survive in a job unless he or she doesn’t have good communication skills. According to  Take My Online Class experts, Lack of communication triggers many issues and confusions which affect business growth. To prevent this issue and choose the most competent employees and students, over 10, 000 companies in 120 countries and many international universities have made it test mandatory to get a job or admission in the desired company or institution. The test comprises different types of questions from different niches including lifestyle, work environment, culture, personal life, etc.

Why Is TOEIC Important?  

TOEIC has great importance for those who want to get a job or admission in an office or university where the English language is the basic communication mode. The test helps organizations to hire a competent candidate or promote an employee having efficient communication skills. Organizations standardize the level of English needed for different projects, tasks, and training.

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Take My Online Class experts explain that universities take this test to accept the profile of students to enroll them into their graduates and undergraduate programs. Having good English knowledge implicates that the student is understanding the given lectures and progressing in academics.

Format of TOEIC Test

The test has two parts, i.e. listening and reading. Each part comprises different questions which you have to answer within 2-hours. Listening test has 4 parts while reading part is divided into three parts. In the first part of the listening part, the participant sees 17 pictures while in the second part the number of questions is 30. In the third and fourth parts of the listening test, there are 10 questions in each. The participant has to choose the correct answer from the multiple-choice questions. On the other hand, the reading test has three parts, i.e. incomplete sentences, error recognition, and comprehension. The score ranges from 10 to 900 while 10 implicates the lowest score and 900, the highest.

  • 905 – 990 International Proficiency
  • 785 – 900 Working Proficiency Plus
  • 605 – 780 Limited Working Proficiency
  • 405 – 600 Elementary Proficiency Plus
  • 255 – 400 Elementary Proficiency
  • 185 – 250 Memorized Proficiency
  • 10 – 180 No Useful Proficiency

How to Prepare for It?

You can’t pass TOEIC test without preparation. However, a little and focused preparation can help you pass the test. Pay attention to your speaking and listening skills. You must know how to pronounce different words and pay attention to grammar. Avoid committing typo and grammar mistakes to cast a good impression on the examiner. You can also get help from Take My Online Class experts who have in-depth knowledge of English and TOEIC test.