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Tips to Make Your ESL Writing Clearer

No matter how good you are in research and how many successful technical projects you have done in your academic [...]

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How Does ‘Help Me with My Online Class’ Assist Students in Studies?

Studies are getting tougher day by day and students have to manage a number of tasks together. Completing all tasks [...]

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The Best Approach to Take Notes

Good notes are the best companions of a student during the academic career. No matter how intelligent you are, you [...]

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Tips to Avoid Wordiness in Your Writing

Wordiness is known as a negative trait of the writing skills as it depicts that the writer isn’t capable of [...]

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How to Avoid Common ESL Mistakes from Your Writing?

Do My Online Class service is designed to address the needs of students who are not native English speakers and [...]

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Initials Capitalization Strategy in Title

Titles are highly important and there are many books written on their effectiveness. Students and especially business students are always [...]