Do My Online Class


Nowadays there is a trend of online classes. People tend to choose online classes because they don’t want to study the courses as in a regular class and can’t attend the regular classes because of the jobs and other works.

I also take an online class because I have to do a job and can’t find time to go in a regular class in a high school. So I chose an online class because of the broad variety of courses and at least you don’t have to be bound in the class as we do in a regular class. I have started this class sometime ago and due to the nature of my job I can’t set my timing accordingly. I also don’t want to lose my job as it is the main source of my income. So I have to carry on with my job and also want to study in the mean time so I can secure my future.Coming to the main point, I want a person who can attend online classes for me. As you all are aware of the attendance strictness, if you fall low on attendance you are kicked out of the class. So I don’t want to loose my class. So I want a person who is keen to do this for me. The person should be hard working have a knowledge about the course previously and most of all he should be attentive because to male nots your attention is required so you don’t lose the focus and make out the concepts clearly and properly.

Do My Online Class

Taking an online class is not that difficult, we all know this. So the person will also get benefit from it because no knowledge is a wastage of time.Main points to keep in mind is that what you have to do while taking online classes. You will have to note down all the important points being delivered in the lecture. You will have to do quizzes for me whenever they are being taken because quizzes play an important role in deciding your grades. You will have to make assignments for me whenever they are given and submit back in time so I don’t lose any of them. I will also keep in touch with you to know that the job is being done and well so that I don’t have to worry about it.

You will be paid for this job, so you should perform this job well so that no one should have any complaints regarding each other. I have completely described the nature of the job and nothing is hidden. You have to make sure that you attend the class regularly on time, make proper notes, do quizzes, submit assignments and any other work as assigned by the instructor.

I will give you a very handsome pay for this job as I know that it is a bit difficult job. So contact me if u are interested in this job and then we will discuss about the pay and how we will proceed with this job.