Students have started the online courses with the best intentions and keeping up with the assignments, discussions, readings, and engaging with their instructors via comments and feedback.

With the commencement of online courses, students quickly adapt to where they tread water for staying afloat. This is the point where instructors can find out about the struggles of students. What can be done in an online class to help students struggling with their grades?

The roles of traditional students and teachers are reversed by distance learning, and students have been becoming more responsible for planning, organize and direct their knowledge. The students also face managing a complex mixture of learning management systems such as students’ portals, course materials, the internet, and their electronic devices. On the flip side, online teachers also face unique challenges while delivering online lectures. Their task is to provide course content to students and help them encourage perseverance, give feedback, and foster interactions. The point is that the instructors can ensure online class help by engaging students in discussions to foster a strong student-student and student-teacher association. Moreover, online class help can prove effective by providing relevant content and studying material to students because it has become a common issue that students tend to divert from the main topic while exploring the subject of study on the internet.
Online students may differ from traditional students in terms of learning and the environment of a class.

The online learner is typically older and maybe busier with work or family than a traditional learner. In that context, scaffolding would be the best option for improving student’s grades in online classes. The idea of scaffolding is that the tasks are divided into sub-tasks and smaller chunks, thereby, students can be kept on track, and it can stimulate students’ motivation. Similarly, the most significant challenge for online students is the demand for a set of technological skills. The students need to learn the use of innovative software so that online class help cannot be interrupted and students would learn in the best possible way in a virtual environment. This will improve students’ learning in an online class and help them develop interests in their academic courses while managing their family and professional life.

The opportunity for face-to-face interaction is missing in online classes; however, the traditional learning environment has a physical classroom where there is a physical area to make announcements and group discussions. The introvert learners may become comfortable in such an environment because they need time to construct their thoughts before responding. However, face-to-face interactions can be made possible by video conferencing to ensure online class help for the students/learners.
Another step that can ensure online class help is the encouragement of engaging and building community. Students need to be engaged in an online course by applying the learned content to the real world’s problems. Moreover, the section of discussion posts on the online portals is one of the best ways of engaging students on a particular topic where they can share their ideas and thoughts about the issue. Moreover, the instructors should encourage learners to implement their acquired knowledge in the real-world setting. This is how they would gain experience and better understand the concepts they have been learning in an online class.

Similarly, flexibility with deadlines could also ensure online class help. The teachers should be flexible enough to be lenient with those students who might face illness, family emergency, injury, and any technological glitch. It is better to show leniency to students than giving them zero marks because they tend to de-motivate and discourage students. If a teacher were lenient, the learner/student would ensure higher grades in assignments and submit them on time.

Likewise, online learners should be allowed to redo the assignments as this will enhance online class help. The learning window for the student would be extended when they would be allowed to correct and improve their assignments based on the comments and feedback of instructors. The communication between the student and a teacher should be encouraged with the help of an amnesty window. As a result, the student will get an opportunity to improve their grades.

To sum up, the goal is to improve students learning who do not perform in their best capacity. The students should be facilitated in every possible way to make their online learning experience better and fruitful. There is loads of support that can ensure online class help and support online learners.