All it takes is four simple steps to place your order:

Step 1: Order Details 20%
Step 2: Contact Information 40%
Step 3: Order Instructions 60%
Step 4: Payment 80%
Step 5: Order Completion 100%

Instructions on Using Your Personal Account

Once you have placed your order, you are free to use your personal account. Your personal account allows you to do the following things:

  • Upload additional instructions for the writer assigned to your project to follow
  • Upload readings, books, articles, samples, and anything else you want the writer to refer to when they write the research paper
  • Send messages to the support team or writer with a further directions and instructions that you forget to tell them in the beginning

Writer Selection

Once we have assessed the type of order you have placed and the instructions you have provided us with, we will assign one of our qualified writers to your project. You are free to communicate with the writer using our Messaging Board in your personal account.

Order Completion

When the writer completes your order, you will receive it to the email you provided us earlier in the ordering process. You will be requested to review the order. If you need the writer to revise the order, make additions to it because instructions were not met or proofread or edit it again, you can Request for a Revision.

Once you accept the order, we will request you to fill out a short Survey, evaluating the work of the writer, the quality of our writing service, and the assistance of our support team. Your feedback regarding our company is extremely important, as it allows us to improve our services so we can provide our customers with a better and improved experience the next time they order our “Write my essay” service.