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Common Writing Mistakes That Spoil an Essay

Essay is an important part of academic career, but many students take it as a normal part of their educational routine and never try to give their best. It results in a poorly written essay that fails to fulfill the requirements of the examiner. Low marks in essay affects your overall result which also triggers [...]

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5 Reasons You Should check Grammar Before Publishing

Students write articles and critical essays to publish in newspapers and academic websites. It helps them in their professional life and depicts their research and writing talent. Everyday, a big number of articles are rejected by the publishers which leads students to disappointment.Take My Online Class experts have years of writing experience and they have also [...]

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Business English Writing- Learn Some Golden Rules

Are you a business student and want to learn impressive communication skills? It’s not possible without learning the basic business English writing especially if you are doing a marketer job along with studies. In ‘Take My Online Class‘ service, our experts have noticed that students want to become a good marketer or businessmen, but they lack [...]

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How to Avoid Spelling and Grammar Errors?

The first impression about a person is formed on the basis of his or her spelling and grammar when it comes to written communication or interaction on the internet. Likewise, it’s not necessary that your own supervisor will evaluate the essay or dissertation that you have written. If a person who haven’t seen you checks [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Paraphrasing

As if research process isn’t a difficult task and you have optimal skills to find out the relevant information from an authentic source, proper documentation of these sources is a big headache. Improperly documented sources result in plagiarism that is a big offense in academics. Service like  ‘Take My Online Class‘ are very helpful for it, [...]

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Incredible Benefits of Peer Editing for Students

Peer editing is a great techniques used in writing-intensive courses. In the technique, students check each other work to highlight the mistakes and give suggestions for the improvement. Knowing the effectiveness of the technique, we have included this service in ‘Take My Online Class‘ to help students write the best copy editing, thesis, outlining, and idea [...]

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Benefits of Having Your Work Edited by Others

Many of you may have written an essay, paper or a dissertation at least once in a while in your life. For some, it seems to be a pretty simple job owing to their love for writing or their interest in the subject domain they are writing about, or even both. For the rest, it [...]

  • Tips to Do Smart Research to Write a Great Research Paper

Tips to Do Smart Research to Write a Great Research Paper

Every student wants to add a little kick to his and her research paper. Many pass through while many other fail to yield expected results. Unfortunately, unsuccessful students lack the basic search skills which are the key to a great research paper.  'Take My Online Class‘ experts were amazed to know that the majority students rely [...]

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Initials Capitalization Strategy in Title

Titles are highly important and there are many books written on their effectiveness. Students and especially business students are always taught how to write the best title and what are the ingredients of an impressive title. ‘Take My Online Class‘  experts have noticed an important issue regarding the titles and they consider it essential to [...]

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Common Grammatical Errors Students Commit During Essay Writing

'Take My Online Class’ is a great service for students who lack in writing skills or have a tough schedule. Live Academic Experts offer the service at affordable rates and writer quality dissertation, thesis, and essays for students. They eagerly share writing tips with students and help them to learn the best writing techniques. Grammatical [...]